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Every Ferrari is named after the company’s founder, Enzo, but only one has ever used his first name. We find out why aboard the Godfather of supercars: the Enzo Ferrari. We also drive the latest in Ferrari’s hypercar line, the new SF90 Stradale – does it really feel like a true Ferrari should? Comedian Jerry Seinfeld tells us why he bought a Fiat 128 Sport Coupé, while 12 of Italy’s greatest living car designers tell us their stories. Alfa Romeo features strongly this month, too. In addition to gate-crashing Alfa’s 110th’s birthday party at Arese, we feature two road cars with a racing alter ego: a 1961 Giulietta SZ that competed in the Tour de France and a Spider 1750 boat-tail that the owner used as his wedding car, and now races to victory on track. We also uncover the untold story of the spectacular Lancia ECV2 rally car and the even less well-known tale of the 1996 Isotta Fraschini revival. Finally, we find out what Fiat’s new Panda Hybrid is like to drive on UK roads. As ever, it’s an eclectic, exciting mix of Italian cars, news and events!